Slot Nigeria Phones: Tecno, Iphone, Samsung & Infinix Phones Current Prices!

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Slot Nigeria is leading outlet for mobile devices and accessories. Slot is nothing other than sign of quality. Below, you will learn about the various Samsung, iPhone, Infinix and Tecno mobile products being sold on slot and their prices

Slot Phones Samsung phones and devices price list

Take a Look at the Slot phones Samsung prices below:

  • Samsung E1205 costs 8000 naira
  • Samsung Gear S2 R7200Kaect black costs 86,000. It is a wristwatch
  • Samsung galaxy A7 the A710 2016 Edition costs 185,000 naira.
  • Samsung J110 Ji ACE cots 39,500 naira
  • Samsung J105H J1 Mini costs 33,000 naira.
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 costs 50,000 naira.
  • Samsung galaxy S7 32GB costs 299,000 naira
  • Samsung galaxy S7 32GB Gold costs 300,000 naira.
  • Samsung galaxy S7 Edge 32GB black or white cots 320,000 naira.
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 the 2016 edition costs 58,000 naira.
  • Samsung gear VR Lite costs 33,600 naira
  • Samsung galaxy J120 2016 edition costs 46,500 naira.
  • Samsung galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB Gold +J105 costs 330,000 naira.
  • Samsung galaxy J1 Mini Prime costs 34,000 naira
  • Samsung galaxy Grand Prime Plus costs 56,000 naira
  • Samsung galaxy tab A-7.0 inches costs 69,000 naira.
  • Samsung galaxy J7 Prime costs 121,000 naira.

Slot Phones: iPhone Price

Take a look at the prices of iphones at Slot Nigeria

  • Apple iPhone 6 128GB costs 210,000 naira. Its special promo price is 178,000 naira
  • Apple iPhone 6S 16GB costs 174,000 naira
  • Apple iPhone 6S 64GB costs 205,000 naira
  • Apple iPhone 6S 128 GB costs 250,000 naira and its special price offer is 220,000.
  • Apple iPhone 6S 64 GB costs 200,000 naira
  • Apple iPhone 6S 128GB costs 230,000 naira
  • Apple iPhone 6S 128GB costs 230,000 naira
  • Apple iPhone 6S 16GB costs 180,000 naira
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus 64 GB costs 230,000 naira
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB costs 250,000 naira


Take a look at the SLOT PHONES: Tecno PHONES AND PRICES in Naira below:


  • Tecno T410 costs 7,000 naira
  • Tecno T349 costs 5,200 naira
  • Tecno costs T350 costs 5,500 naira
  • Tecno Camon C7 costs 40,000 naira
  • Tecno Phantom 6 costs 91,000 naira
  • Tecno W3 LTE costs 33,000 naira
  • Tecno phantom 6 plus costs 132,000 naira
  • Tecno Camon C9 Plus costs 71,000 naira
  • Tecno DroidPad10 Pro II costs 101,000 naira
  • Tecno Camon C9 costs 62,000 naira
  • Tecno 8D costs 58,000 naira
  • Tecno T470 costs 6,200 naira
  • Tecno Phantom 5 costs 91,000 naira
  • Tecno Y2 costs 18,500 naira
  • Tecno 7C Pro costs 38,000 naira
  • Tecno Boom J8 costs 49,000 naira
  • Tecno W4 costs 33,000 naira
  • Tecno L8 costs 42,000 naira
  • Tecno L8 Plus costs 46,500 naira
  • Tecno WinPad 2 10.1 inches costs 123,000 naira


Take a look at the SLOT PHONES INFINIX:  INFINIX PHONES AND PRICES in Naira below:

  • Infinix Zero 3 costs 59,000 naira
  • Infinix Snokor Z5000 costs 22,500 naira
  • Infinix Hot 3 X554 16GB +2GB RAM costs 38,000 naira
  • Infinix Hot 4 16GB + 2GB costs 47,000
  • Infinix Note 3 X601 16GB+2 costs 68,500 naira
  • Infinix Hot 4 Lite 16GB+1GB costs 40,000 naira
  • Infinix Hot 4 16GB+2GB pro costs 55,000 naira
  • Infinix Zero 4 costs 98,000 naira
  • Infinix Note 3 Pro costs 70,500 naira


Slot is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian mobile device market. Here are the top 20 mobile devices you can buy at Slot Nigeria.

Slot Nigeria Phones Price List of top 20 Slot Phones

Infinix Hot 2 X510

The device has 2GB RAM, and it costs between N25,500 and N27,350. It is one of the powerful devices from Infinix. It is rugged and built to last.

Tecno Y5

Tecno devices are built solidly. The brand has developed beyond what it was in times past. This particular one comes with a very long warranty period, and it costs between N18,000 and N20,000.

Blackberry Z10

This device has been around for quite a while, and it has proved itself to be among the best mobile devices around. It costs N46,000 in Slot Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy S7

It is a leading device, like virtually all Samsung products. It costs much, but it gives value for money. It sells for N194,000 at Slot Nigeria.

Apple iPhone 7

Very few Nigerians use iPhone. However, those using it agree that it is among the best devices to hit the mobile market. You can buy it at Slot between N320,000 and N335,000.


It sells for between N183,000 and N189,000 at Slot Nigeria. The actual price depends on the branch you visit; it is cheaper at Lagos branches of Slot.

Sony Xperia Z5

This is a top quality smartphone in all sense of the word, and it is designed to give back value for money. It sells at Slot for between N190,000 and N191,000.

Innjoo Halo Plus

Innjoo devices are also sold at Slot Nigeria. This particular device has proved to be of top quality, and it sells for N28,500 at the outlet.

Slot Nigeria Phones Price list

Huawei G Power (Y6 Pro)

The device is among the strongest you can ever imagine, and it sells for between N45,000 and N46,500 at Slot

HTC One M8

It is another leader among the devices sold at Slot. This device costs between N73,000 and N113,000, depending on the branch of Slot Nigeria that you patronize.

Opsson Tab1S

This is one of the new brands being sold at Slot. It sells for N31,000. It may be a new brand, but it has proved its worth since its release for sale

Gionee M5 Plus

The device is rugged and has a very powerful battery. It sells for between N75,000 and N78,000 at Slot.

Opsson S1 Plus

It is equally a rugged device, and it sells for N22,000 at Slot Nigeria.

Gionee S Plus

This is one of the best mobile devices money can buy. It sells for between N40,000 and N42,000 at Slot

Tecno Boom J7

This device has made a great name for itself already. It sells for between N20,000 and N23,000.

Infinix Note 3

The device will cost you between N60,000 and N69,0500. It is rugged and fitted with long lasting battery.

Blackberry Passport

It is a portable and beautiful looking device that costs between N127,650 and N130,000 at Slot Nigeria.

Apple iPhone 6

It comes as 16GB and 64GB variants. The former costs about N174,000, while the latter costs about N186,000.

Samsung Galaxy S6

It costs between N143,000 and N238,000 at Slot.

LG Stylus 2

This is yet another leader among mobile devices. It costs about N75,000 at Slot Nigeria.

In Conclusion…

Slot is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian mobile device market. We hope you find this post about the top 20 mobile devices you can buy at Slot Nigeria very helpful.


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